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  • a gift given 243 times from God's heart to yours

​​Colorful and catchy, I Can See God's Love For Me invites young children to explore everything from fireflies to stars, and bugs to butterflies as they discover God's love with all five senses, and find easy words to describe what they mean when they say, "God loves me."

Carolyn-Elizabeth delivers this book with a mother's love in the hope of passing on to other children what she gave to her own; a lasting awareness of God's love.



  • a way of life that will change you

​I Can See God's Love For Me


  • ​​​a three-in-one word meaning "to believe, to trust, to hope" 

The Quilt and the Sacred Thread


​​​To generations tenacious and torn, people resilient and worn, The Quilt and the Sacred Thread brings a message of hope and order to a patch-work world. Drawn through birthing fire, cross fire and hell fire, the blood of Jesus Christ threads redeeming love across patterns of humanity. Downcast and outcast, meek and merciful, hungry, thirsty, pure in heart and poor in spirit, peacemakers and persecuted-He wraps His breathless Bride in the perfection of His handiwork. 

A timeless story in a simple setting, Carolyn-Elizabeth unfolds The Quilt and the Sacred Thread with poetic tenderness, personality, and reverent curiosity. 
This story will remain with you long after you read it.

How do we find faith that can be seen and touched? Where is the faith that scripture describes as substance and evidence real enough to feel the weight of, fill up, and hold when hurts, heart-aches, and the hassles of harried life rip hope? 

PISTEUO! Connecting with God's Heart-The Devotional

Carolyn-Elizabeth offers her readers PISTEUO! Connecting with God's Heart-The Devotional in answer to the question- "How do I find the kind of faith and hope that you have?"

With unabashed transparency and skill that comes with practice, she leads her readers by example in a quest to search out what's  in God's heart and to discover the answers to their question, there.

Each chapter contains a blank page meant to be filled with personal collections of faith as real as a steel bucket. Carolyn-Elizabeth encourages her readers, "Own these pages; and by the time you reach the last one in this book, you will have buckets full of tenacious hope and overflowing joy!" 

The PISTEOU! books stand on their own, and together they interact dynamically.   

PISTEUO! Connecting with God's Heart-Becoming Joy Full 

Real and raw, practical and poetic, Carolyn-Elizabeth connects with God's heart and writes about the  faith, hope, and joy in unexpected places that she has found in times desperate, messy, and daily.

Themes of redemption run through every chapter.

This is her testimony, shared from the pages of her journals.

PISTEUO! Connecting with God's Heart-Becoming Joy Full is a book that you will read, and return to, again and again.