I married this big German who somehow slipped into my little heart between dinner and dessert on Valentine's Day about 30 years ago.

We have two boys and two girls.

​​​They are grown now.

The three oldest are married.

And we are Granny and Granpa. ​​​

We live in the Texas Hill Country where I have taken gardening to a new level, for me.  I have been an author of books and blogs. After years of that, I stepped away from the keyboard and picked up the old fashioned pen, paper, envelopes, and stamps. I began making my own greeting cards. A few hand written words on a homemade greeting card is like getting a gift in the mailbox! I also began making my own journals. Thanks to those who like my journals and greeting cards enough to ask to purchase them, I have been encouraged to make them, and a few other items I enjoy making, officially available for purchase.

I hope you like my fledgling shop!




​​I am Carolyn-Elizabeth. The hyphen hasn't always been there, but it will be for the rest of my life because hyphens collect pieces and connect them. They are the silent segments between.

My life is hyphenated. I collect moments. I try to live full in the segments between yesterday and tomorrow where life and heart are collected and connected by the most eloquent silent hyphens.