Loved your children's book, I Can See God's Love For Me! Scientific facts and biblical truths combined with sweet verse. Beautiful art that inspires me to pick up my watercolors again. My 3 and 5 year olds love not only the sweet verse, but the science as well! Lovely children's book.My daughter hugged it to her chest and said, "I'm going to love this!"

-RJ Conte

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"​Carolyn-Elizabeth leads with artistry, and challenges with grace. She eloquently urges you to find your connection with God's heart. Scripturally, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the way to obtain a good testimony and to please God. This devotional is filled with substance, testimony, and God's pleasure."

-Steve Collins Jr.
Founding Pastor of The Harvest Church in Allen, Texas

This is an intriguing collection of eloquently written observations and reflections on the world around us and how we connect these to our faith.
Brings joy to my heart!

-Kimberly Rockwell

"With every heart-nudging word, meet Carolyn-Elizabeth and the God she intimately knows. He permeates every purposeful sentence with life-giving melody. His Spirit and her pen are in delightfully perfect cadence! I laughed, cried, prayed, and sat in blissful awe of God, my friend, and the beautiful team they have become."​

-Jennie Lee Riddle:
Triple Dove Award winner
Speaker, song writer, worship leader

Carolyn-Elizabeth is the mother of four grown children who love God. Her children's book, I Can See God's Love For Me, is born from the young years when she strolled with her children and told them about God as she pointed out caterpillars and butterflies, dew drops and stars, and her favorite, fireflies. She delivers this book with a mother's love in the hope of passing on to other children what she gave to her own.

The artistry of the poetic writing is amazingly beautiful and the depth of the messages are profound and moving.


I have described to friends the Pisteuo! Connecting with God's Heart books as prayer. The dialog which Carolyn-Elizabeth writes between herself and her God is like on-going conversation with God. Prayer.


Sunday School Assistant

Carolyn-Elizabeth reveals a soul, mind and heart, that has reached into the depths of Being and found treasure after treasure. How she sees God in the everyday inspires me to see Him like that, too.

I love her writing style. It feels so natural, like she just sat down and wrote what was on her mind and in her heart. But who thinks like that! It's a paradox, to, one who tends toward order and logic. But I found those, too, in her style which just proves to me that God's creativity knows no bounds. He has created Carolyn-Elizabeth with no small portion!

-Nancy DuBois

Author of Loving Your Child-The Ministry of Motherhood

​​Carolyn-Elizabeth's God-given talents of poetry and artistry shine brightly in her devotional, PISTEUO! Her love for her Lord and His love for her brings tears to my eyes with every reading, healing tears. I am continually reminded that I am so very human, wonderfully made, as her words and God's love wash over me again and again. It is impossible to read PISTEUO! without connecting with God's heart.

-Jeanie Sergent


​​Pisteuo tells the intimate journey between a creative woman who clearly longs to know her Savior more intimately. She takes everyday experiences and weaves spiritual lessons within her humble heart. I highly recommend this book if you long for a deeper experience with the Lord in the mundane tasks of life.

 -Cheri Starcevich
Titus 2 Woman