Burlap, cotton, and lace

​Embellished with fabric and twine.

Embellished with raffia. Lightly distressed. Blank inside.

Card stock is coffee stained by hand. Embellished with twine. Lightly distressed. Blank inside.

Two quilted layers of 100% cotton

​Burlap backing

​​Father's Day is approaching! And I am making a handful of one-of-a-kind cards for you to give to your one-of-a-kind dad.

Lightly distressed

Hand stained cardstock

Hill Country Homemaker

Everyone could use a spark of patriotism, a reminder of the blessings. God bless America, and America bless God.

Blank inside.

Sold individually for $4.99


Save 20% with a purchase of of your personal favorites for $19.99

Card stock is coffee stained by hand

Embellished with fabric

​Blank inside

Father's Day BBQ card

SOLD Items. More to come! 

Popping in to say Happy Father's Day

Blank inside


My homemade greeting cards are crafted with quality card stock, decorative paper, creative stains, various embellishments, and 

Hand decorated envelopes included. 



Hand stitched

Wrinkle free

Stain resistant

Hill Country Homemaker Aprons are crafted from 100% cotton and wrinkle free kitchen towels. Every apron includes a matching hand towel conveniently stitched to the waist. Most of my aprons are half-length because I find full-length aprons cumbersome and unnecessarily long. 

Full-length aprons sold for $24.

Half-length aprons sold for $19.

Card stock is coffee stained by hand

Lightly distressed

​Blank inside


Nothing says Hill Country more than a kitchen table set with burlap, lace, cotton & wildflowers. I make my placemats from natural burlap, cotton floral fabrics, and touches of lace.

Generous use of fabric means each placemat is backed with hemmed cotton lining.

High quality and hand made for your home.

​set of two for $19.99