Apron and Coffee Pot

Be Still

Peppermint on my Pillow

A Little One Finding Out Why

I Say, "Amen"

God of sea and sand,

God of waves and wind,

​I praise You on this shore.

​I Just Awe

Daughters in Waves

Choirs of angels, salvation's song,

Heaven would miss Him while He was gone.

Love so high could only belong,

​'Neath the heart in the Virgin's womb.

Emmanuel! God is with Us

​Shooting Star

Making Bread

A Surfer

​Come In

​Dancing Song

The Serenity Prayer

The trumpet sounds, wedding bells ring.

Heaven and earth and angels sing.

Father and Son laugh jouful tears.

The bride's heart won after all these years.

​This Wedding


God grant me the serenity

​to accept the things I can't change. god grant me the the courage and peace to change the things that I can. 

You've spoken in this secret place. I'm listenin' to all You say. You know my needs before I ask. You're good to me. I say, "Amen."

Upward Swing

Your mercy for me, a sinner,

Would be more than I could believe,

Except that You love lifted You up to be crucified instead of me

Once again, my God, once again

Once again, Jesus, I need

Just to touch the hem of Your garment,

Just to feel Your pow'r flow into me,

​Once Again

Moon on Water

Your Love Feels Like Heaven

Be still, as still as the night

When all the stars twinkle bright.

Be still, as still as the sea

When Christ told the storm to cease.

Lord, You've searched me and known me. You know when I rise up, ev'ry step that I'm taking, ev'ry word that's on my tongue...

Morning dawns, time to wake.

Breakfast on, coffee made.

Kiss you good-bye, love you so.

​Hold him tight for me, Lord.

​Held Tight


Mom's Granola

       Songs of a Christian Homemaker

​Into Your Heavenly World

It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind, and an artist is expected to! So this woman and artist has changed this song from "Loving What You Love," as written in PISTEUO! Connecting with God's Heart-The Devotional, chapter 35, to-


​An Ordinary Walk


Eggs in Pan

My shepherd leads me beside still waters.

My shepherd gives me rest in green pastures.

I shall not want; He restores my soul.

​My shepherd's goodness and mercy make me whole.

Psalm 23


​The desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose.

It shall 

blossom abundantly. 

Star Paint



The trees of the field shall clap their hands.

His light bursts through all my dry foliage. 

I must 

break forth into singing.

Join me? The back gate is open.

Take a seat on the red patio chair and inhale the fragrance of rose-song till your lungs are filled with your own song.

Close your eyes and listen to the clapping till your soul knows the cadence. 

rejoice with joy and singing