The holy whisper is stronger than the wilderness howl.

I became a Christian in the silent midnight moments between my twelfth and thirteenth years. Yeah, on my birthday. Between slumbering girl friends. My best friend, myself, and Jesus got heart-to-heart and He connected my name to His.




I had two boys and two girls between days and nights of life; and always between moving from place to place.

I married this big German who somehow slipped into my little heart between dinner and dessert on Valentine's Day.



I am Carolyn-Elizabeth. The hyphen hasn't always been there, but it will be for the rest of my life because hyphens collect pieces and connect them. They are the silent segments between.

My life is hyphenated. I collect moments. I try to live full in the segments between yesterday and tomorrow. Faith is so real here, where life and heart are collected and connected by the most eloquent silent hyphens.

Three of my children are newly weds now, and my youngest child graduated from high school. I'm the wife of a social worker, always a full-time mom, and an avid blogger. My blogs are Contemplations of a Christian Homemaker which now boasts over 10,000 views, and my new blog, Pots 'n' Pans and the Kitchen Sink. I wrote two books between a rock and a hard place, saw the back-side of God's healing glory, and then wrote two more books. 

I love to get out my watercolors and illustrate my books with my paintings. I write songs, sing them and share them, just because I like to. Mostly, I draw up God's miraculous heart into my messy heart, and then share the living water right here, off the beaten track.

Come to the well! Come to the well, because Jesus hangs out at wells in the heat of the day for the likes of you and me who have lived imperfectly and who have hurts and fears and, well yeah, a past.

Come to the the well where faith dips past the surface and comes up full of hope.

​Faith is as real as a steel bucket that we can hold onto and dip into.  Dip into Jesus. The water He'll give you will become in you a spring of water welling up to eternal life. 

I spend a lot of time at the well. I'm drawing up God's heart into mine. I thirst to connect with His heart.  

He's connecting pieces of me to all of Him.

He hyphenated my given name. Carolyn-Elizabeth is whole name. It means, "Joyful Song-Set Apart for the Lord."

I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to contact me! Let's meet Jesus at the well, share a bucketful of living water together, and talk!