• a GIFT from God's heart to yours
  • a WORD meaning "to beleive, to trust, to hope
  • a WAY OF LIFE that will change you



Come in and receive gifts poured out to you, from God.

Come in and drink deeply from faith till your hope is refreshed and full.

Come in and draw up living water for living well. 

This is how I hear the welcome Jesus gives; and it's how I give it.

Make yourself at home.

The tabs above are as doors to open. Open them!

Open the door with the sign MY BOOKStacked to it. I'm writing books for you to read.

Open the door with the sign BOOK REVIEWS. Read what people are saying about my books.

Open the door with the sign MY BLOG. I'm connecting with God's heart and sharing what we talk about.

‚ÄčOpen the door with the sign MY SONGS.I'm writing and singing songs for you to listen to.

And here's a new door to open! MY ETSY-Hand-Stitched Journals. ‚ÄčI'm binding journals, beautifully coptic stitched, for your use.